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Roxanne Smit Wescover Page.png
Not Mediocrity

40x40x4cm Acrylic on Canvas

Mini 1

Acrylic on Art Board 20x20 cm


Acrylic on Canvas 90x60x3cm

Medium MultiColour Circles.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas 30x40x2cm

Crazy city

Acrylic on Canvas 76x76x4cm


Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas 90x120x3cm

Wall of Circles

Acrylic on Canvas 122x152x4cm

Long Circles

Acrylic on Canvas 122x40x4cm


Technique Mixte sur Toile 152x127x4cm

Small circles dark on wall

Acrylic on Canvas Board 20x20cm Unframed

Red and Yellow Circles

Acrylique et technique mixte sur toile 40x122x4cm


Acrylique sur Toile 110x150x3.5cm

Sold Australia ohmyprints-20012020-135506 (1)

Acrylique sur Toile 40.5 x 121.5 x 4cm

Belgian Texture

Acrylique sur Toile 100x76x4cm


Acrylique sur Toile 100x100x4cm

Falling Colour

40x30x4cm Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic sur toile 40x30x4cm


Acrylique sur Toile 40x30x4cm

Big Night Out

Acrylique sur Toile 31x41x4cm


Acrylique sur Toile 30x40x4cm

Blue City

Acrylic sur Toile 76x76x3.5cm

The People

Acrylique sur Toile 100x76x4cm


Acrylic Painting on Canvas 76x76x4cm


Acrylique sur Toile 40.5x 121.5x 4cm

Little blue on background sold

Acrylique sur Toile 30x40x4cm

Misery Loves Company

Acrylique sur Toile 100x100x4cm

Colourful Circles

Acrylic on Canvas Colourful 40x40cm

Field of flowers

Acrylique sur Toile 76x76x2.5cm

Dancing in the Night

Acrylic on canvas 76x76x4cm

Circles Pink 30x30cm Black frame

30x30x4cm Acrylic and mixed media Black Floating Frame

Africa in room Sold

Acrylique et Technique Mixte sur Toile 101x76x3.5cm

Sold Blue and Orange Lines on wall

Acrylic on canvas 67x100x4cm

The Solution

Acrylique sur Toile 101x76x4cm

Sold Sea Rainbow on Wall

Peinture Acrylique sur Toile 76x76x4cm

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