Why an inconvenient artist?

The artist finds her inspiration and motivation in the need to express herself outside  politically correct societal imperatives. She embraces freedom in her work, where her audacity requires neither justifications nor excuses. The fast drying time of acrylic paint creates positive pressure that Roxanne particularly appreciates. Occasionally, she uses  other media such as paper, wax crayons, string, structuring paste and gold leaf.  She takes refuge and delight in her studio, which protects and transcends her. There, her mind finds perfect clarity of purpose and she can create her magic. The noise ceases, the safe and soothing silence in her mind protects and envelops her. 

Her state of mind influences the colours of her palette without ever exhausting the source and allows her the the full freedom of movement. Light and darkness, the positive and the negative, the beautiful and the ugly, the joyful and the sad overlap on her canvases as they do in life. Nothing beautiful is obtained without sacrifice. Her abstract artwork is intentionally left open to all imaginary interpretations. Each piece of work evokes a response depending on the personality, mood and emotion of the viewer, even if at times the depth may upset. This is why a certain embarrassment often invades Roxanne when asked to interpret her work.



Reg'Art Actuel International Exhibition, Bruges, Belgium


Envoz'Art, Heron, Belgium


Parcours des Artistes, Grez-Doiceau, Belgium



The Australian National University, Canberra


Universite Paris-Sorbonne

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