Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....

Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Nothing is more true for this artist who has spent her life observing different cultures, testing new tastes and luxuriating in exotic perfumes. From Belgium to France, from Africa to Asia, including Australia and many others in between, Roxanne is a true citizen of the world. Art is her reward and refuge after years of work and raising her four children. She acquired her artistic style through a variety of eclectic training in both Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France. Creating colours and texture in an abstract fashion is more than a passion for her. 

Why an inconvenient artist?

Painting is her drug! But rather than destroy and anaesthetise her feelings, her art allows them to release, blossom, and warm her heart. Roxanne can safely sow the seeds of the paroxysms of life during this creative escape. It is for her, a place where the most poignant emotions can safely rub shoulders without tearing each other apart.  Her art has been described as 'singular' as it is unique and varied.