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"Art is creativity. It offers a safe space to express emotions and explore personal style. The joy of interpreting these takes on many shapes and forms. Limitation of style, material and method is the antithesis to the original purpose of true art." 

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3 Minutes with the Artist

This video introduces Roxanne Smit as the artist behind Rx Texture.
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The opportunity of pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a working artist presented itself suddenly to Roxanne after having 4 children in the space of 14 months. Roxanne and her young family chose to return to Belgium after over 30 years absence in order to reconnect with the rich history and culture available here. According to the artist, ´´Being able to experience cultural diversity is an invaluable gift that opens the mind immeasurably and in my opinion, Belgium is the perfect place for this``.


The artist finds her inspiration and motivation in the need to express herself outside politically correct societal imperatives. She takes all the risks on her canvas, where her audacity requires neither justifications nor excuses.  To Roxanne, ´´Art is creativity. It offers a safe space to express emotions and explore personal style. The joy of interpreting these takes on many shapes and forms. Limitation of style, material and method is the antithesis to the original purpose of true art``.


Her work is generally asymmetrical and has mixed and at times even broken colours. If the texture is not raised and obvious, it is nevertheless present in the general theme of many pieces.


Her abstract artwork is intentionally left open to all imaginary interpretations. Each piece of work evokes a response depending on the personality, mood and emotion of the viewer. When asked how she explains her work overall she answers with a question of her own, ´´How do you interpret the different emotions of your life or the colours in your dreams?´´.